Data protection declaration

 This data protection declaration is issued by Brody ArtYard Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság,

the data of which art he following:

seat: 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38.

tax number: HU23173750

company registration number: 01-09-956456




Brody ArtYard Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Brody ArtYard Kft.) has established the data protection principles based on which it protects the personal data of the visitors and user in the most discrete and secure extent – and in accordance with the effective legal regulations. In line with this, we ensure our visitors that we shall not give out the data necessary for the usage or registration to unauthorized third person except if authorities dispose of it otherwise.

Registration data

Brody ArtYard Kft. respects the rights ensuring the protection of the personal data of the users visiting the website. Based on this data protection declaration, you can decide which data you give. Brody ArtYard Kft. shall manage your data given on site (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) in accordance with those set forth herein. Your data supply is in all cases voluntary.

Upon giving your personal data, you authorize Brody ArtYard Kft. to utilize the given data in line with this data protection declaration until the withdrawal of your consent for the purpose related to the services provided via the website. By the registration onto site, you unequivocally and explicitly consent that Brody ArtYard Kft. may send you notifications fitting into the topic of the website; your present consent has been given voluntarily and in possession of adequate information.

Upon setting the website up, we aimed at making most of the contents, products and services available on site without giving your personal data, too, but the requisition of services via the website is possible exclusively after giving personal data. This data protection declaration is always available from the pages of

This data protection declaration relates to the collection of both personal and non-personal data (e.g. data used for preparing statistics of visitors independent from individuals).

During the registration, the user shall give the following data:

-      name,

-      address

-      telephone number,

-      e-mail address

-      delivery address.

You are entitled limit or prohibit that Brody ArtYard Kft. uses or registers your data given on site. You are entitled to request Brody ArtYard Kft. to delete your personal data. Please, send your related requests via the e-mail address given on the contact page of the website or the online contact form. However, the user explicitly acknowledges that, in case he requests the deletion of such data that are inevitable for the contract and providing the service, the service shall cease automatically.

In certain cases (e.g. handling of security incidents, averting technical defect), Brody ArtYard Kft. is entitled to monitor the traffic in its own system but may use such data only for the original purpose (e.g. hindering of computer hacking, troubleshooting). For invoicing and safety reasons, Brody ArtYard Kft. may regularly log information related to the data traffic of users but may use these information registered in the logfile als for the realization of the original purpose. Each user is entitled to download and use data in relation to the equipment assigned to him – considering and observing the contractual obligations undertake by him and the provisions of the relevant legal regulations. Brody ArtYard Kft. shall not undertake liability for saving data by authorized persons, whereas shall not allow and shall hinder by all means unauthorized data download. Brody ArtYard Kft. declares that, due to the possibility of lawful data saving, deletion of data in the system of Brody ArtYard Kft. in itself does not guarantee the full deletion of the data and, therefore, it does not undertake liability therefor.

Brody ArtYard Kft. shall not share personal data voluntarily given on site with third persons without the permission of the data owner. Exceptions are mandatory data provisions originating from currently effective legal regulations (in case of obligation based on government authority, summons, court resolution etc.).

The site may contain elements that requests the data of friends of visitors (name, nickname, occurrently e-mail address). Those set forth herein shall also relate to data given this way qualifying as personal data; such data shall also fall under the protection of this data protection declaration.

Brody ArtYard Kft. shall use the voluntarily given data for the following and exclusively for the purposes listed here if not specified separately on the place of giving the data on site: invitation for subscribing for the newsletters of Brody ArtYard Kft. (not for automatic newsletter sending), sending promotional messages in connection with the products and services of Brody ArtYard Kft., and sending promotions offering products and services of third parties being in business relation with Brody ArtYard Kft.

For the correct operation of and the correct working of the services, the use of cookies may be required. In such a case, if cookies are enabled in the browser of the visitor, the use of cookies is automatic. The cookies that are saved by the browser onto the computer of the visitor do not contain personal data, they may contain only bits of information that can be used by www.BrodyArtYard.comthe purpose of which is that can identify the visitor so that visitors returning back do not need to give certain data already given and registered on site. The use of cookies is a possibility to increase the user friendliness of a website, the user may block the use of cookies in his browser anytime. However, please note that some functions require the possibilities granted by cookies, therefore, certain services and contents may be restricted and/or some websites will not be available. Brody ArtYard Kft. shall not link these anonym data collected automatically with personal data and shall not use them for any other purpose.

We shall do all reasonable measures for the sake of the security and protection of the information. Brody ArtYard Kft. shall handle the personal and non-personal data received by it as confidential data, to which confidentiality obligation shall also be applied. Brody ArtYard Kft. shall do all due safety measures in order to ensure the protection of those involved with special regard against unauthorized access, modification, forwarding, publication, deletion or destroy, as well as incidental destruction and damage. With their registration, however, the users of the website acknowledge that the protection of data cannot be fully guaranteed on the Internet. Based on all these, Brody ArtYard Kft. shall not be liable for occurrent unauthorized access or data cognition, as well as damage originating therefrom.

Data protection policy

The registration of Brody ArtYard Kft. as data manager in the Data Protection Registry took place under NAIH INSERT NUMBER ON RECEIPT pursuant to Section 65 of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information.

The registration of the data forwarding within the scope of the services by Brody ArtYard Kft. took place in the Data Protection Registry pursuant to Section 65 of the Privacy Act. The user is familiar with that, for the purpose of the requisition the services, Brody ArtYard Kft. may forward data in connection with the SIM card to telecommunication service provider(s), approved workshop(s), and retailer(s).

During the operation of Brody ArtYard Kft., it acts in accordance with Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information, Act CXIX of 1995 on the Management of Name and Address Data for Research and Direct Solicitation, Act LXVI of 1992 on the Registration of Personal Data and Address of Citizens, Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services in relation to its data management.

Pursuant to Section 7 (2) of Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services, Brody ArtYard Kft. shall not be liable with regard to data provided to third persons in connection with its services in case it observes the provisions of this Act. The user accepts that, pursuant to Section 7 (6) of the Act on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services, Brody ArtYard Kft. shall not be held liable for damage caused by the removal of information or disabling access to information, provided that is has acted in compliance with the Act.

Pursuant to Act CVIII of 2001 on Electronic Commerce Services, Brody ArtYard Kft. may manage those personal ad/or business data for the purpose of selling services via the website that are technically necessary for selling services (creating the contract, determining the content of the contract, modifying the contract, monitoring the performance of the contract, invoicing the fees originating from the contract, as well as enforcing related claims) but, even in this case, to the extent and until the time that is necessary. The data provision is voluntary but the omission thereof may hinder the performance of the contract.

The users may request information on the management of their personal data from Brody ArtYard Kft. any time via registered or registered return receipt requested mail, or e-mail sent to the e-mail address Request of information sent via e-mail shall be regarded as authentic by Brody ArtYard Kft. only if sent from the e-mail address of the user given earlier.

During the entire term of the data management, Brody ArtYard Kft. enables that the requestor prohibits the data management for any above purpose either as specified in the addressed electronic advertisement or via his declaration of this content sent to e-mail address. In such a case, Brody ArtYard Kft. executes the data deletion immediately. The affected party acknowledges that, if he requests the deletion of such data that are necessary for the services provided via the website (e.g. name, address), Brody ArtYard Kft. will be unable to provide the services further towards the given person and, therefore, may cease his registration on the site.

The person affected with the data management shall furthermore be entitled to protest against the management of the personal data. In case he disagrees with the decision of Brody ArtYard Kft. made based on his protest, he may turn to court for legal remedy.

The user is aware that data forwarded by the equipment(s) (may) qualify as personal data; therefore, he shall form and operate his own data protection guidelines, contracts, services accordingly. This is especially valid if the user enables either himself or other user to connect, list, download, copy, save outbound data traffic from various aspects, as well as to connect in any format the personality of other users and the information provided by their equipment. In respect of the equipment dedicated to him, the user is entitled to save and use data – considering and observing the provisions of the contract and the relevant legal regulations. Brody ArtYard Kft. shall not undertake liability for data saving realized by authorized person, whereas shall not allow unauthorized data saving and shall hinder it by all available means.

Our system allows for correcting data in the event of change therein. The change of data may occur based on the amendment of the contract concluded with Brody ArtYard Kft. The user may unilaterally change only the password necessary for entering the surface related to the service.

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